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Our services are not made to be used by underage individuals. If you use TeamTransformerz.com, or use any of our services offered here, you agree and guarantee that you have at least 18 years of age.

The information on our website can contain technical imprecisions or typographical errors. TeamTransformerz.com makes all efforts to include precise and updated information on the website and implements regular updates on information available without previous notice. But, TeamTransformerz.com doesn’t guarantee or assume any obligation or responsibility for mistakes or omissions of content of this website. The use of this website is at YOUR OWN RISK. Under no circumstance and under no legal theory must TeamTransformerz.com be liable for any person who suffers direct, indirect, special, accidental, example or consequent damage from the use of this website. Also, TeamTransformerz.com does not accept any responsibility and will not be responsible for any damage or virus that might infect your informatics equipment or other goods from access or navigation to and on this website, or through the download of any material, data, text, image, video or audio present on this website.

The content of the TeamTransformerz.com website is provided only for informative purposes. Despite the content being obtained through sources that TeamTransformerz.com believes to be reliable, we cannot guarantee their preciseness, nor do we assume any responsibility over the content of the articles, product descriptions or any other materials present on the website. The trust you deposit on any information or on the utilization of any service or product present on the TeamTransformerz.com website is exclusively on your own account and risk. Neither the content, nor any service offered on or through TeamTransformerz.com should be considered as a medical diagnose, treatment or substitute for professional medical counseling. TeamTransformerz.com is not involved in providing medical counseling or medical services. Never disregard medical advice or the search of it for something that you read on the TeamTransformerz.com website.

By utilizing the TeamTransformerz.com website, you verify that (1) you read and agreed to the terms and conditions stated above; (2) that you have received the approval from your doctor to utilize our services and products; (3) that you recognize that you are doing so voluntarily and at your own risk; and (4) that you agree in liberating TeamTransformerz.com of all and any responsibility over any damage, complaint or problem resulting from its utilization.

TeamTransformerz.com understands that any coaching program includes exercises that improve the cardio-respiratory system (heart and lungs), the musculo-skeletal system (strength, resistance and flexibility) and body composition (reduction of body fat in people who need to lose body fat, along with muscle gain).

A coaching program from TeamTransformerz.com can include aerobic activities, callisthenic exercises, weight training so to improve muscular strength and resistance and flexibility exercises to improve movement range of motion.

TeamTransformerz.com comprehends that the reactions of the heart, lungs and circulatory system cannot be foreseen with precision. TeamTransformerz.com is also aware that there is a risk of abnormal changes that can occur during or after physical exercise, which can include abnormalities in blood pressure or heart attacks. The practice of weight training can generate pain and musculo-skeletal injuries if it is not performed in an adequate manner.

TeamTransformerz.com will not be responsible for any damages or body injuries suffered throughout any personal coaching program. When you subscribe to any of our coaching programs you are assuming total responsibility for any damages that occur throughout said program.

Any nutritional advice given by TeamTransformerz.com will be followed at your own risk. TeamTransformerz.com cannot be held responsible for any allergies or food intolerances that you have to food recommended by TeamTransformerz.com.

TeamTransformerz.com liberates itself forever, totally, of any responsibility over present and future complaints, requests for money return, damages and judicial processes.

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