5 Nutrition tips to optimize estrogen metabolism

8 October, 2016
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One of the best ways to achieve good body composition is by improving estrogen metabolism, since it will promote greater hormonal balance in our body. High estrogen levels can be problematic for both men and women, since they are an indicator of higher cancer risk, higher body fat percentage and less muscle mass.

Our nutrition is a vital factor in our body’s functioning, since it greatly influences our hormonal system. A nutritional deficiency can create a lack of efficiency in metabolizing excess estrogen. That’s why we defend a flexible diet, because it won’t deprive us of certain foods. This way we’re able to take total advantage of our diet so that we can achieve the results we want. If you implement these tips in your diet, it can be the first step towards change:


#1 – Eat more Protein!

Food high in protein such as fish, meat, eggs, seafood and some types of beans offer essential amino acids for estrogen metabolism in our liver. Protein still has the added benefits of appetite control and total caloric intake reduction, since it’s a macro nutrient with a low caloric index (4kcals per gram). That being said, if you increase your protein intake, it might help you in fat loss. By minimizing your adipose tissue, you’ll be promoting healthier estrogen levels.

#2 – Fat matters!

Even though it was demonized for years, we know that it plays a vital role in our metabolism. Fatty acid consumption, like Omega-3 which can be found in fish like salmon, will promote estrogen metabolism, because it will decrease aromatase levels, an enzyme that transforms testosterone into estrogen. This is why high levels of aromatase in the female ovaries result in higher levels of estrogen in women (when compared to men).

#3 – More seeds!

They are a great addition to salads or sautéed dishes. Also, seeds like sesame, fenugreek or flaxseed offer a type of fiber called lignin, which can bind with estrogen in the digestive extract, helping in its excretion. Seeds can also increase levels of certain hormones, like SHBG, protecting the body and stimulating hormonal balance.

#4 –  Vegetables are essential!

Eating vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and spinach promotes estrogen metabolism since they contain compounds like DIM and Glucoraphanin. Studies show that people with higher levels of these two compounds reveal lower cancer rates, since they help in estrogen elimination in our body.

#5 – More Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is another aromatase inhibitor and studies show that it’s very efficient in estrogen metabolism. A study done on men, where Vitamin D levels were increased, showed increased testosterone levels due to less aromatase. On a study done on young women, per every 4ng/ml increase in Vitamin D, they had a decrease in 3 percentage points of estrogen.


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